London Marathi Sammelan 2017

A grand celebration of the culture, spirit and entrepreneurship of Maharashtra, India.

2nd, 3rd and 4th June 2017

Dixie Cruise and Watford Colosseum


Welcome to London Marathi Sammelan 2017

London Marathi Sammelan 2017 is a mega initiative to bring together Maharashtrians from across all boundaries.  It aims to become a grand platform to celebrate global Maharashtrian successes and culture, thereby inspiring generations to come.

On the occasion of Maharashtra Mandal London’s 85th Anniversary, LMS promises to be a marvellous celebration of the culture, spirit and entrepreneurship of Maharashtra. It will be ‘a way’ to be together while ‘away’ from Maharashtra; an extended family beyond home…

An event for connecting, bonding and sharing, LMS intends to provide Maharashtrians with a common platform for showcasing and sharing their talent, music and art forms, as well as creativity. What else could instil a true sense of sharing happiness, success and enjoying togetherness!

Imbibing and reliving the joy and power of coming together to achieve a greater good, not only through culture, art and cuisine but also through sustainable and tangible appreciation of global Marathi successes in the form of entrepreneurship and professionalism, LMS is a celebration of Marathi spirit (bana) in the backdrop of London, the most iconic city of the world.

LMS – एक संधी
मराठी संस्कृतीचा पेटारा पुन्हा एकदा उलगडायची,
जन्मभूमीची जाणीव ह्या मातीत रुजवायची
मराठी माणसांना एकाच व्यासपीठावर एकत्र आणण्याची
यशस्वी कलाकारांच्या कलेचे बेधुंद रंग लंडन मध्ये उधळायची
यशाचे बाळकडू दिग्गजांकडून शिकण्याची
येणाऱ्या पिढी ला “मी मराठी” असल्याचा अभिमान बाळगण्याची …